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Monday, January 09, 2006
  Hey From Connecticut!

So, after a prolonged and painful death by lack of motivation of the misdirected sort, I'm sort of pleased to announce my return to this post. I'm not committing to posting more often than before, but I will do this just once.

So from my home in Beautiful British Columbia, I drove to Seattle (at 2am) and flew from there to Phili to New Haven, took a taxi to the OMSC, and got a ride to Madison, Connecticut, to the Mercy Center (on the beach), where I will be staying for one more week. I have had an amazing week of lectures from missionaries around the world, who have unbelievable testimonies, and so many valuable things to share with eager listeners.

This weekend, a few of us took a trip to Boston. We stayed just north of Salem and had many interesting experiences, including driving 40 minutes north into New Hampshire instead of 20 minutes south into the city, walking through a graveyard where the captain of the Mayflower is buried, and getting a 6-hour history lesson while walking around.

I miss all of my friends back home and at school, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again, hopefully on Friday some time. Talk to all of you soon.

Monday, July 11, 2005
  The Last Five Weeks ...

I've been trying to come up with some creative way of telling all of you what I've been doing since my last blog.... can't think of anything except maybe sharing some of my journal entries, but since I don't have that with me right now, I'll do the next best thing.

For the last five weeks:
-I've been sleeping in a sleeping bag
-I haven't worn a seat belt
-I've watched the sunset from the beach every night except three times when I was in town
-I've seen eagles nearly every day
-I've taken more rolls of film than ever in my life, including when I first bought my camara (averaging about 1 roll/week)
-I've been the subject of many Canadian jokes, and proud of it
-I went snorkelling for the first time
-I went ten-pin bowling for the first time
-I went to a drive-in movie for the first time

Some words/phrases I've picked up and rather like:
Dan: "Fudge!" (great while tidepooling if things are a bit slippery)
Lauri: "You've got none tact, you know! None tact!"
Ben: "Affluenza!" (to be yelled in an old man fashion out the window of moving vehicles, along with fist-shaking)
Neal: "oh.... You've got to be kidding me!"
Roger: "Feel the wrath of Muir!" (best used while hitting his full collection of essays over the body of a fellow classmate) 
Monday, May 30, 2005
  Update from the West Coast

Since I have come home (just a little over a month ago), I have been promising lots of blogs to everyone who asks about it. As you all know, I have blogged more faithfully than I ever did at Redeemer, but here's just a few more things that are going on that I may not have already mentioned....

As of May 17, I am a fully licenced driver in BC, thanks to my good friends out in Maple Ridge (btw, the speed limit on Dewdney Trunk road should be faster than 50km/hr- almost didn't get my licence because of that).

The long weekend was Rodeo weekend here in Cloverdale. It's the one big, exciting thing that happens around here, besides the time the movie nearly burned down... nearly. There was a big midway, a parade, and of course, lots of people hobbling around town on crutches.

My sister and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon.

I got a hair cut.

My parents had their 25th wedding anniversary- more on that later.

I'm also working a overtime shifts at the greenhouse every day now, and for the last 8 out of 10 days, overtime on top of that. People who send in rush orders 10 minutes before the regular crew leaves for the day should be shot. Temperatures got over 108 degrees in the connectors in between the greenhouses last week (it's even hotter in the houses), so most of us were sent outside to take stickers off of pots. I think it's rather ironic that I spent the first three weeks at work putting stickers on pots, then for two afternoons, everyone takes other sitckers off pots. Only four more days of work!

Many of my relatives stayed over at our house for the weekend, which was good times. I haven't seen a lot of them since I left for Uni.

So that's some of my last for the past month. Feel free to send me lots of emails, I'd love to hear from you guys! 
  So guess who else was at the A Rocha lectures? Dr. Goheen and his wife, out in BC for a week finding a house. They have since found a place (10 minutes from my house), just down the road from Trinity Western. It was great to talk to them for a bit, and show them around the farm at A Rocha, and introduce them to some of the people that I worked with last summer. 
Monday, May 23, 2005
  Don't worry, I can totally handle anything this baby can throw at me ...

Late last night, I got a few phone calls. One was from my dear friend Mira, and another was from a very desperate and ill sounding girl. The call went something like this: "hey Erin, sorry I'm not even going to say hi to you... well, here- hi. Umm... just wanted to know what you are doing tomorrow". Me: "I don't even know who this is...." Other end of the line: "oh yeah, this is Joanna (I worked with her last summer)... I was wondering if you could babysit at A Rocha tomorrow...."

And so began my last day of my long weekend. I woke up early to the phone ringing again- this time my boss informing me that there may be "a few" kids besides just his own, and that he wanted me to create some kind of environmental education game for these kids for a few hours. No idea how many kids or how old, just grateful I could make it at the last minute. Needless to say, I drove out there with a bit of trepidation, scenes from Jack-Jack Attack running through my mind.

Turns out there were over 30 kids, ranging in age from 1.5-8 years old. Need I say more? Michelle lost to Martyn in a game of rock-paper-scissors, so she ended up coming and helping for a bit. We looked at cows, chased chickens, sent the kids pond dipping (which, surprisingly didn't end up with us dipping for children), and tried to catch butterflies. The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning up, making dinner, eating dinner, drinking wine, and just relaxing. All in all, a fun weekend. (Two more weeks until Au Sable!)

Thursday, May 19, 2005
  Alive in British Columbia! Hello friends!

I'm back home in the lovely little town of Cloverdale, working hard at the greenhouses (for another two weeks before going to Au Sable), and having fun living on the West Coast again. I haven't really done a whole lot yet (I just finished unpacking two days ago), but I am looking forward to a few of the things going on here. My parents are having their 25th wedding anniversary, and so my sister and I are planning a big party for them, including an 'Amazing Race' style trip around Vancouver. There's a party at A Rocha next weekend for Martyn before he leaves for Portugal, and for Jared's first birthday.

My last day of work is June 3 (also my birthday- 21!), and I can't wait to get out. I'm finally doing orders on my own, but working so much overtime by myself is a little dull some days. I miss being able to just send an msn message or phone anyone and have a group of people out playing poker or watching a movie or just hanging out. It would be so great to have all of you out here. Someday.....

Yep, not much going right now, and nothing too exciting to talk about. Just thought I'd keep the blog going.... I'll think of more to talk about later, cheers. 
Sunday, April 03, 2005
  Turin Brakes Band 2

This is a band that I've been very excited about for close to eight months now. I still haven't been able to find any of their music anywhere in Canada but there is a lot of their stuff on the internet, as they are gaining more interest in England where the band originates.

Turin Brakes features 
Saturday, April 02, 2005
  Iron and Wine Something a little different.

I think that since music is such a huge part of my life that I should take some time to promote new and little-heard-of bands that may be of interest to a few of you. I’m not at all saying that these are necessarily artists which I am promoting because I love their music, I’m just trying to get some exposure to something a little different. If any of you have suggestions, feel free to pass them along my way.

Here’s a look at the first artist, Iron and Wine. They have (as far as I can tell), two albums out, The Creek Drank the Cradle (Sept, 2002), and Our Endless Numbered Days (released March, 2004)., an EP titled Woman King and another one, The Sea and the Rhythm.

“The gentle acoustic plucking may not grab your attention, but Beam's delicate, hushed vocals sure will. His lyrics, meanwhile, tread familiar territory without sounding too familiar. He even tackles love through metaphor without seeming like a high school poet: "Love is a tired symphony you hum when you're awake/ Love is a crying baby mama warned you not to shake."
The folksy sound sometimes recalls Nick Drake-- that is, if the British troubadour were from the bayou instead. In the lolling "Bird Stealing Bread", Beam's voice then takes on a Drake-ian resemblance, as he sings, "Did his hand in your hair feel a lot like a thing you believed in?/ Or a bit like a bird stealing bread out from under your nose?" Beam's overdubbed harmonies, delivered in a repetitive cadence, are spooky without being forbidding. On songs like this one, Beam feels like an artist working in different hues of the same color-- blue, perhaps, or brown. Beam's voice is all his, as he stretches out his vocal cords and displays a greater range than he had led the listener to believe he possessed. As the song peaks, all guitars but one drop out for a brief respite. "Found a photo of when we were married," Beam sings, breaking the last word into two. "Leaning back on a broken willow tree/ That's one memory I choose to carry/ Weary memory I can always see," and he takes that "see" soaring skyward.

And please don't be fooled by the label. Sub Pop may not be the foremost purveyors of roots music, but they've proven before-- in the case of former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan-- that they at least know good old-time country and blues music when they hear it. If indeed The Creek Drank the Cradle is only half of the material Beam submitted to the label, then hopefully there's some more Iron & Wine on the way. It sure beats more mud and honey. “
-Ryan Kearney, October 2nd, 2002

I find that the music by Iron and Wine is rather folkish and sometimes drags, but the lyrics are worth checking up. There are songs that remind me of other artists such as Jack Johnson, and the style of guitar is similar to slower songs by Teitur (review on him coming up). There are other bits that sound like southern backwater music infused with folk rock and jazz. I’m not sure that this is music I could listen to often, but for more mellow moments, this would suit perfectly. 
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