misdirected motivation
Thursday, February 26, 2004
  Mount St. Helen's- the good, the bad, and the really really dirty So this blog is mostly for the seven of us (Josh, Greg, Eric, Andrea, Aaron, Chappy and myself) who went to Mount St. Helen's in grade 12 together. I was just asked to post something so that we wouldn't ever forget the good times. Here are some of the highlights:
-the infamous Giant Eruptions Theatre
-the scenic waterfalls
-the Erin/Greg relationship
-the Andrea/Randy relationship
-the Q's 80's weekend
-the $100 fine for stepping off the path
-Aaron and his 'amazing' fire fanning skills
-Josh and the cigar outside the theatre
-Josh and his 'Sobe' bottle (both at the theatre and at the Taco Bell)
-the Fire Hot Sauce Jackass game - good times eh, Aaron?
-caterpillars- how do you tell which is male and which is female?
-the seismograph and it's detection of various bodily functions

'I'm a virgin' -Greg
'This water tastes funky' -Josh
'You taste funky!' -Andrea
'At least you didn't say 'your momma....' -Greg
'Time for de-virginizing!' -Josh
'Quick! Hid the Koran!' -Greg
'Survivors of Eruption Hunted' -newspaper
'The only thing permanent is change' -Heraclitus (note the spelling of that one Josh)
'Fire hazard is low TODAY!' -sign on the mountain
'Andrea, go get me a paper! -Josh
'Round up all the Arab kids, of course' -Greg
'I'm giving this relationship 30 more seconds, so you'd better make it good!' -Erin 
  So i'm sitting in front of my computer, trying to think of something to write for my first blogspot ever. At least the first one that I've ever written, I've made comments on everyone else's and figured that by this time, I could just have posted my own by now. By the time that I got it all set up though, I had lost all of the brilliantly funny topics that I had wanted to share with everyone. I'm not sure exactly what I want to prove with this first blogspot, but Care said it had to be good. NO pressure, right? Since blogs are basically a form of procrastination, I thought maybe an appropriate way to begin this blog was to come up with the many ways that we (collective as college students) find to occupy our time by doing things other than study.
At the top of the list would have to be msn. I know this is cliched, and for some of you, this is worse than others. I remember the first time that I talked on msn, I went a little overboard, and actually talked to one of my friends for close to 4 hours. This definately puts this form of 'misdirected motivation' at the top of the list.
Second would be music. I'm a bit of a music freak.... i spend a lot of time listening to new music, and I can't refuse going on the network. Right now, I'm listening to Vivaldi's Four Season's (my favorite classical music, for those of you who haven't filled out the survey with a twist yet :))
Third comes Timmy Ho's. I can't think of a time that good old Tim Horton's wasn't a part of hanging out after school, during school, after long nights on the beach, or like last night, while trying to study for ped, chem, or bio. good times
I could go on forever about ways that dorm 43 has found to procrastinate- finding out who owns the loaf in the freezer (and who pinched it), looking at wedding dresses (for no particular reason, right Karen?), eating cheese, watching Sweet Home Alabama, random dance parties, settlers of catan, the O.C. etc.......
But since this blog has nothing to do with anything, except that I wanted to comment on one of our best alliterations (sp?) (see future blogs on processed plastic, bitch beer, and forbidden fusion etc.) In that case, I am going to sign off for the moment, and I'll talk to you on a later bout of MM.  
a form of procrastination


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