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Saturday, April 17, 2004
  nothing says 'exam time' better than a craving for hot dogs and orange juice at 9:30am

Unless maybe it's 11:15 tea at dorm 43. For each night of our exams, the girls of my dorm have been sitting outside on our porch, wrapped in quilts like old omas, chatting about the good old days (ie those before exams) and drinking tea. It's been really fun to let the stress of the day just disappear for a while, and focus on our chattering teeth in the cold instead of trying to remember that "this gene encodes a homeodomain transcription factor, and if this gene is ectopically expressed in the ventral vegetal cells, a secondary axis emerges on the former ventral side of the embryo, and if cortical rotation is prevented, siamosis expression is eliminated." (which is also inhibited if the Tcf3 protein is bound to the gene's promoters in the absence of B-catenin, in case anyone was wondering about that) Anyways, back to studying. 
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
  just for a laugh as i was busy reading blogs of the past, catching up with some old friends, i stumbled across some posts that made me chuckle a little.

the first one is from my good friend Tamlin:
this is will be random, but what isn't?
I walked slowly today. everywhere. all day it felt like everything was fuzzy and blurred and like i was in a constant state of confusion.
I was finishing homework in the computer lab and this message was on the white board:





don't ask, cuz I don't know. but i wish i did.
i hate that when people have the wrong impression of who i am, for some reason, i can never stop being that person around them.
my flip flops are loud. they make three distinct noises when i walk: the slapping of the shoe on heel, the dragging of the shoe on ground and the farting noise of my foot rubbing on the sole. the farting noise was my favorite.
i had a macaroon this morning for the first time.....sooo good.
sleeping on the bus never feels like a nap. and i always wake up with people looking at me and i have this fear that I"ve been drooling the whole time and unbeknownst to me a large puddle has formed on my shirt. this has never happened but one day i think it will.

also from Tamlin:
I love having shaved legs. When I wear pants, no one knows that under my layers of denim, I'm hiding lethal weapons of silky smoothness. I feel like a sex goddess, with the power to bust any man's balls at the lift of a pant leg. It's like going camando. Nobody knows about it, but they sure as hell wish they did.
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
  Top Reasons Why I Tell Everyone I'm from Cloverdale, not Surrey 10. It doesn't smell THAT bad. Cows are a natural smell
9. They film the TV show Smallville there. It's cool- check it out some time
8. Brittany Spears came to Cloverdale two years ago to shoot a commercial (I don't like her, but she's a celebrity, so that makes it worth mentioning)
7. People play street hockey on every corner- unlike Surrey, where there is drug dealing on every corner
6. The movie theatre plays two movies for five bucks (only once a week- Fridays at 7:00pm, and you'd better count on them being from at least 3 years ago)
5. We have a museum, as Brianna pointed out last night (it's about the size of the upstairs of my college dorm, but hey)
4. As our only promotional website states (there are others, but they're all copied and pasted off of each other) "It is one of the few communities in Greater Vancouver that has a genuine "main street" where locals shop on foot and friends and neighbours gather to sip coffee and exchange gossip in the cafe's." (they should have made the last word singular- one cafe)
3. We have a soapbox derby, and a parade (check out www.fraservalleyguide.com/Cloverdale.html for pictures of our parade- all two horses, and the pooper-scooper)
2. The Cloverdale rodeo. Need I say more? It's the biggest thing to happen in all of Cloverdale all year, and employs all residents for at least a week. Huzzah!
1. By saying that I'm from Cloverdale and not Surrey (though technically Cloverdale is a part of Surrey), I avoid the international recognition of being called a "Surrey Girl"
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