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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
  Unbelievable Some days, I can't believe that I'm being paid for the things that I get to do at work. Take last week for example. It was probably the best week of the summer so far.
Monday, I did two pond samples with Matt (took a meter of pond gunk and identified and counted all of the benthic invertebrates in it). The rest of the day was spent talking to Donald, a man from Scotland who has started something called EcoCongregations.
Tuesday was a pretty normal work day- we finished the pond samples, started clearing a trail on the site, and weeded and planted the garden. That night, I had dinner at the site, and took Martyn and Matt to beach volleyball with some of my high school friends.
Wednesday, the four of us young workers (Matt, Martyn, Joanna and I) spent the day on the beach at an eelgrass mapping thing (mostly sat around on the beach playing with the GPS equipment). I got a parking ticket, which wasn't so cool but that night, we had a bbq on the front porch and then Martyn and I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie.
The next morning, we skipped out of the staff meeting to go down to the pub to watch the England/Switzerland soccer game (England won 3-0, fortunately- Martyn was quite happy). Instead of being mad at us, my boss told us he'd meet us down there at half-time. Thursday was staff fun day, so we had a huge beach soccer game that lasted nearly 3 hours, then went out of ice cream. The rest of the day, we were too beat to do anything, so Martyn and I just sat on the porch with a beer while Matt and Joanna looked after the kids (my boss's kids).
I slept over at A Rocha that night because of a late workshop, but we ended up staying up talking until 2:00am.
Friday was a short of mapping on the beach for the DFO, and we did the same thing on Saturday, except that the guys asked if I wanted to stay and play Settlers of Catan. Naturally, I did and so we played until 11:00pm.
It was an unbelievable week. Too much fun. 
  At the beginning of the summer, I said that I would blog every time that it rained, thinking that I would get plenty of time to blog. Contrary to popular belief though, it hasn't rained here in quite some time (in fact, I don't think it's really rained since I came home), so I guess I'll resort to blogging when it's too hot to be outside. I'm serious, I don't think the temperature has been below 30 degrees C for the past week. 
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
  As an early birthday present to myself, I bought a violin on Saturday. It's going to need a few repairs, but I'm quite excited about it. 
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