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Saturday, November 20, 2004
  A Declaration for Sustainability- by Paul Hawken 'Shift from Electronic Literacy to Biologic Literacy
That an average adult can recognize one thousand brand names and logos but fewer than ten local plants is not a good sign. We are moving not to an information age but to a biologic age, and unfortunately our technological education is equipping us for coporate markets, not the future. Sitting at home with virtual reality gloves, 3D video games, and interactive cable TV shopping is a barren and impoverished vision of the future. Don't get me wrong. Computers are great. But they are not an uplifting or compelling vision for culture or society . They do not move us toward a sustainable future any more than our obsession with cars and television provided us with newer definitions or richer meaning. We are moving into the age of living machines, not, as Corbusier noted, "machines for living in." The Thomas Edison of the future is not Bill Gates of Microsoft, but John and Nancy Todd, founders of the New Alchemy Institute, A Massachusetts design lab and think tank for sustainability. If the Todds' work seems less commercial, less successful, and less glamorous, it is because they are working on the real problem- how to live- and it is infinitely more complex than a microprocessor. Understanding biological processes is how we are going to create a new symbiosis with living systems (or perish). What we can learn on-line is how to model complex systems. It is computers than have allowed us to realize how the synapses in the common sea slug are more powerful than all of our parallel processors put together.'

Just a thought.

(originally from 'Utne Reader' #59 (September/October 1993).
Sunday, November 14, 2004
  I know I haven't blogged in a while, and no one is likely to read this, so I figured I'll just blog on everything that comes to mind at this moment:

- I just read several very thought-provoking articles that are making me wonder why I'm still sitting at my desk and not saving the world from famine, apathy, and occult

- I have a smashing headache from trying to understand calculus- the job of world-saver is starting to look easy compared to using logarithmic differentiation to find the equation of a tangent using Liebniz' notation (was that even in English?)

- I know I can no longer live away from the ocean. I grew up only 10 minutes from the beach, and I realize now how much of my life revolved around enjoying that particular aspect of God's creation more than anything else.

- The cup of hot chocolate on my desk is forming a nasty film on top. Maybe I should go do my dishes.

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